We have been in business for over 3 generations now. We are family owned and operated. We sell over 30 different products at Trade Shows-Fairs,Christmas Shows, Home & Garden and more. We have been member's of the i.a.f.e International Fairs/Expo's for over 2 generations. Our goal is to stand beside our product and customer's. 


Since we sell so many different products,we have several different manufactures we purchase products from.In order to keep our customer's Happy we put our own warranty on them.This is why it's IMPORTANT to contact the company you purchased the item through. When contacting the correct company you save on hassle,fee's and delay's 

​​David Webster Enterprises Inc.

our statement to you


We aim to provide you with unique products and great customer service that won't disappoint. At David Webster Enterprises Inc, we aim to make & keep our customer's happy. We have different policy's to manage with every product and will work with our customer's through communication by phone and email.



We believe that traveling to different states meeting new people & customer's broadens our minds and gives us a different perspective on products not just sold in stores or online. We have several different sales agents that are trained to pitch their product to you. To show you the product works. What you see, you take home!

meet our team

Pitchman-Sales Agents that will show you how the product works. You may also try it for yourself.

Customer Service- Crystal is your customer servicerep that will respond to you within 1 business day to take care of any situation you need. If she can't she will find someone that can!

Tech support- For customer's that purchase a Tv Streaming device. you'll get the tech support you need and even accommodate your work schedule.